" I had been looking for years for an alternative to selling pre-IPO shares in the secondary market. I knew my shares were going to continue to skyrocket in value over time, but I wanted some early liquidity. Section Partners offered me the perfect alternative. They allowed me to structure a deal that used my pre-IPO shares as collateral for a loan. I was able to get significant liquidity at the time, and when my company finally had its IPO, the additional value of the shares I held on to easily paid off the loan, and left me with several times more than if I had sold the shares on the secondary market. Why let someone else reap the big upside of your shares, when Section Partners can let you keep what you’ve earned? "

Court Lorenzini.jpg

Court Lorenzini

Co-Founder & former CEO, DocuSign


Odysseas Tsatalos.jpg

Odysseas Tsatalos

Co-Founder & former CTO, Upwork


" Section Partners has been a great financing partner to me. The transaction I did with SP was far more attractive to me than selling shares in Upwork, a company that I co-founded. I am very optimistic about the prospects for the Company, and SP's transaction structure provided me with the liquidity I was seeking while enabling me to hold onto a lot more of the potential upside in my stock than if I had sold shares on the secondary market. "

" I was introduced to Section Partners by a friend who had worked with them previously. SP has been a great partner to me in connection with my personal financing needs around an option exercise. They were responsive, transparent, and helpful in structuring and funding a timely financing solution that facilitated the exercise of my stock options when I left my former employer. Section Partners is addressing a need that any Silicon Valley veteran would be familiar with, and my experience working with them was excellent. "

Robert O'Donovan.png

Robert O'Donovan

Former CFO, Pivotal Software


Thomas Lee.jpg

Thomas Lee

Founder & Executive Chairman, One Medical


" Section Partners provided with me a great financing alternative to the secondary market. For entrepreneurs who believe in the long-run growth of their companies, I think Section Partners certainly provides an option worth considering. "